Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Lousy Signing Skills

In reference to a comment on this blog (note that it is a comment left on the blog and not the actually blog post.) If you need a transcript, let me know, but I think you can gather what I'm trying to say.


GoAwayAnxiety said...

To Be honest, I do not really like when people say this. Because there is NO measure in ASL who is best who is good who is lousy there is no such any measure.. Same with in English writing anyone out there have a perfect English? I bet not! I believe, that as long you can sign that we can understand you that count the MOST. So far I have seen several of your Vlogs I can understand you. That counts the most and that you can understand us. Its about the communication and the message that is send across to other people counts most. I agree with you about if someone think your signing lousy then they should be your teacher! Dont feel bad!

Anonymous said...

I can understand you clearly. I agree with goawayanxiety that there's no measure in ASL.

Heck with that person.

Anonymous said...

You have wonderful sign skills... ignore the person who gives u negative comments. they might be jealous of ur wonderful sign skill...

Anonymous said...


I relaxly understood every word you had said :) Just ignore that person!

Joey Baer said...

In my honest opinion, there is no such lousy signing skills but rather like signing levels. If we have english levels starting from emerging to advanced, why can't we have for our own language, ASL? That's something we need to focus on developing emerging to advanced signing skill levels. In this way, we will be able to analyze and learn how we can improve signing over the time - just exactly like learning English.

Yes it is easy for people to say as long as we can understand you, that is what counts. I need to jump in here and say we really need to sit down and establish signing skill levels in order for us to continue and improve. We need something to encourage ourselves to aim highest as possible.

I do watch my own vlogs and try to improve daily even though if I sign all of my life. I am aware that some of my signings need some polishing and I am ok with it.

Anonymous said...

I dont feel it is fair of these ppl to judge u and ur signing skills when they dont know u. It isnt ur fault that ASL isnt ur first language. As long as u have the ability to communicate using sign language, it is OK. If u r bothering these so called ppl that much, they should not enter ur blog/vlog at first place. They should leave u alone as there r other ppl who care more about ur messages.

Hershey said...

Did you ever think the person who said this has the problem and not yourself? Maybe your signing skills are better than theirs? Maybe they pick up through your signs that you can speak English better than them?

Many times people will put others down because their own insecuries have surfaced. What to do? Nothing and stop thinking it is you but them.

If the person is truly close and geniune.. Simply ask.. how shall I improve? What do I need to do differently? Saying you are a lousy signer does not improve you and makes for improper and negative criticism. No one needs that in their life.

dma said...

Hi lady,I completed understood your asl very well.Ignore them what they think.... Happy ASL

Anonymous said...

beef beef beef!

Jon Savage said...

Someone said you lousy to made you say "I'm lousy".

Now, I ask you question.. Do you willing to let that person give lousy wood for your fire? If I were in your shoe.. Just simple, don't pay attention to any of negative comment as ignore them.

Remember, you have your own fans, who appreciate by your art. if anyone tell you that your art is lousy. Just smile and nod then move on because you have fans, who supports you all way!


Shel said...

Joey Baer is correct. There are levels. People vary from emergent to proficient. I like how Jon explained about the lousy wood.

Here, I'm going to try and give you some good wood ;-)

If one wants to know how to improve one's ASL, and truly understand how this language works, one should take ASL linguistics course(s). This applies to ALL Deaf people who wish to understand their own language, and be able to explain the language to anyone else. (Currently, interpreters know MORE about ASL than many deaf people)

Most of your commenters are correct. Disregard this hurtful comment from that commenter, and just do your best.

Misha said...

Like other people said, ignore that fool who had put you down on your signing skills.

No, you sign beautiful and very clear. I do understand what you're saying. Do not feel so dubious on your signing skills. I'm aware that you're late deafness and just started to learn ASL in your high school. Your ASL must have improved in overtime. It will continue improving. I've been to deaf oral school that forbade sign language. I learned it when I was 14 years old after using homemade signs, gestures and smack of ASL. When I looked back to my early years, my ASL was horrible. Now look at me, my ASL has improved vastly ever since. ASL continues enriching our lives each day. We learn something new every day.

Keep up good work, Dena. You do a great job regardless.

Misha :D

Jean Boutcher said...

I have never had any trouble understanding your sign language. Very matter-of-factly, you sign very clearly, so fret not, Dena. A person who has criticised your signing is an ignorant person: he has yet to learn that all people speak, sign, and write differently. Do not let the complaint stop you from blogging. Not only do I enjoy your blog but I also enjoy all of your blogposts. Bonjour!

deafk said...


Huh? What lousy sign? You signed perfectly fine to me, smile! The most important thing is I understood your message. Just ignore this person... This person may be thinking one sign should sign differently (regional).

I agree mostly with the commenters above, so I do not wanna to repeat them, smile.

take care, and keep your chin up and smile!


Anne Marie said...

What nerve this person got to tell you that.

I will be happy to give you an assessment to show where you are doing well and which areas are to be developed. I do ASL assessment service and I will be glad to do it for you for no charge if you can wait until after July 6th.

The reason why I am not charging, I need to see how to do interview on videophone and record it at the same time. I will like to see how interview via videophone is effective enough as to do in person. Also I need to experiment how to format report, I already have one developed and am thinking about a new one.

E-mail me. : )