Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where I Am

I've sat here for about a week wondering what to think and do over all of the mess with DeafRead, people getting ousted, leaving, attacking each other, etc. It's all very much to take and to be honest, in the end, it doesn't matter. At least, I thought it didn't.

Then DeafVillage came into the picture and then things really got confusing for me. I guess maybe it's because I still don't really know where I fit into the community (do I even FIT?).

We aren't supposed to look at this as a medical condition, but as I see daily in my life, it is. Growing up culturally Deaf, some of you don't have my experience. I understand that. So what am I supposed to do when the two worlds that are suppose to co-exist together suddenly clash; lash out at each other; then try to pry apart from one another with wounds and go separate ways?

I sign, I speak, I can hear some, I use hearing aids (soon), but this is all driving me crazy. Why can't we all get along, seriously?! Please don't make me choose between you all.


Kim said...

Welcome to life as a "fence-sitter." You're in good company. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's puzzling that Tayler has banned Rachel, but he hasn't banned a guy named Hearing Mojo.

Mojo is a marketing advertiser of products of HA and CI. He's a looooooong list of sponsors while Rachel is a volunteer of CAN.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me! We are not responsible for your choices. It is you who decide, not us. Your attitude sucks. You blame on the Deaf community for making your choice, which you decide to pick Deaf village and Deaf Read. We do not want any people who demand us to be responsible for your choosing and we must behave THE WAY you want us to. It is your responsible as a human being to observe, to recognize, to work, and to accept there are some situations that are going on in the Deaf community that involves all kinds of Deaf.

Kim, People who feel that they are fence sitters are the sign of helplessness. They do not learn how to embrace different main community and sub communities with different ideologies.

People need to rethink how this approach this situation about finding Good solutions or too lazy find better solutions, blames others, and demand them to be responsible for your actions?

Anonymous said...


Ya wanna send that through again?


DenaReiter said...

Anonymous 240: I don't believe that I'm blaming the Deaf community at all. In fact, I'm blaming everyone if you look at it that way. I have friends on both sides and it pains me that there is fighting between them. That's what I was trying to get at. One group in my eyes is not better than the other because for my experience, either could hopefully satisfy my needs. I'm sorry you felt attacked; that was not my intent.

Dianrez said...

Hey, hey,'s not a matter of fence sitting or supporting or even making both Deaf Village and DeafRead, blog on both if you want, but personally I would be happier if both had unique blogs not duplicated on the me more rich browsing material. The more, the better! Enjoy!

Kim said...

Anonymous 1:25 is one reason I'm happy to call myself a "fence-sitter."

Candy said...


Crazy world, indeed.

You don't have to choose one or the other. You can be part of both aggregators if you want to.

It really shouldn't matter how much you hear, or whether you prefer to speak or sign or both. Whether you cue or oralize.

In fighting happens because some people don't know how to respect other's choices.

Anonymous said...

You talk dont make sense at all! you should make your own mind not from copycat!! big duh!!!

Anonymous said...

To going deaf, first off, one of the major problems with people like ourselves who have heard or still hear, are hearing impaired or going deaf, is that we try to fit in both communities. Actually, there are three communities. the HOH, the culturally DEAF and the deaf.

There are sensitive, caring people in the DEAF community though it may not always feel that way. the DEAF community is no different than any other cultural community, whether it be a religious community or otherwise. Most religious communities do NOT want outsiders in their community mixing with them. which is no different than the DEAF.

I am HOH. and the truth is, the culturally deaf individual does NOT understand where we are coming from, if they have NEVER heard. Now I am not saying they can't be empathetic. But it is hard.

You need to find YOUR place, YOUR comfort level and go with that. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated by anyone. Go with your heart. Personally, I don't consider myself a fence sitter. I'm not trying to get into the DEAF community, I am not DEAF. If I were to go deaf, I would consider myself part of the deaf community. Unfortunately, the hearing impaired and the deaf community (not the culturally deaf) are not as outspoken as the DEAF community though we are stronger in numbers.
As I said, don't be intimidated by those who are fighting. Go with your heart and accept who u are and who u will be.

Abbie said...

It is indeed a crazy place. If I have to make a decision on where I sit based on a blog aggregator, something is wrong. This is a virtual world and it differs highly from reality. That being said, you just be yourself and those that see you for you and not how much hearing you have or what aids you use to hear if any or what language you go by will show their true colors.

Those are the people you want in your life.