Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Loud?!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I have been busy with school and work life, but here is a sort of update and story.

I tend to be very self concious when it comes to my voice. I can speak so people assume I can speechread everything. Not so. Additionally, if I talk in class, they assume I can hear them. I have an interpreter for 2 out of 3 of my classes, so I'm in good hands. I sign and am free.

Friday and today, I've come into "disability awareness". People are looking at me strange when I talk, or even laugh. Is my laugh really THAT BAD?! Well, a friend of mine those two days told me I was too loud. Hmmm. So am I loud to hearing people or just loud in general? I'm not quite sure; I'm going to ask him later.

I've never really noticed the volume of my voice because I'm always trying hard to make it sound comprehensible. The interpreter cannot be with me 24/7, so I have to make due. It's good to have a pal though who's telling me I'm too loud. COming from another community college where Deaf, ASL students, and ITP students were normal, and just about any noise was no cause for alarm out of us.

I admire my friend. He said he's trying to keep people from staring. He seems to be strong in his mind, much mmore than I am. The pair of us though, we must be funny. He's in a wheelchair and I'm trying to talk to him. It makes me giggle how we must look :)

So, I'm loud? Turn your ears off!


Kim said...

I have a loud, contagious laugh too. Since I work in a library my boss sometimes comes into the back room to tell me to keep it down because patrons can hear me. I used to feel self-conscious about it, but then I realized it makes others happy. Laughter is a wonderful thing. Still I try to keep it down while working.

Deaf Pixie said...

You are not alone. I am really loud and always contagious laugh. My supervisor say Hey, you need a lip seal.Too loud. I say Oh, yeah forgive me

I lives in Seattle and love Tully coffee better than Starbuck. I don't suppose to say that" I quit Starbuck!"

Remember Kathi G from Komo Tv. she have another brain tumor come back and will have a surgery. I read Seattle PI. I love her contagious laugh and very friendly face on Komo TV.

I think We are similiar as contagious laugh native of Seattle.
Do you believe me?

Deaf Pixie