Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pah! For PepsiCo!

Today, PepsiCo and Lay's Potato Chips announced that during the pre-game show on FOX sport of the Superbowl on February 3rd, they will air a 60-second advertisement entirely in ASL. There will be Open Caption for the ASL-Impaired.

The ad will feature some deaf employees by the company, which makes me very proud. They didn't not hire actors to fill the places of workers.

Coming out of yesterday hearing stories about Steak and Shake doing wrong, it's nice to see a company, a very large one, to be doing very well for the community. Recently I had seen a Sprint commercial, both the girl and father are deaf we are told in text, but the only signs we see are the ILY.

Here, we can see on a big stage, in front of everyone, a good ad for a good company, and a great community who are striving to keep the language alive.


Amy said...


Amy Cohen Efron

Susan said...

Cool, thanks for sharing.

deafsingle said...

One of my friends Matt(that I met on for PepsiCo for two years.

Rini said...

Sweet! Now I love pepsi even more. I had always preferrheed pepsi over coke.

w00+ for Pepsi the Sexsi!