Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank you for your Support

This vlog is a response to the nasty comments that have been left in "Your Deaf Muslim Sister".


W. David Samuelsen said...

Well said.

I shudder when others attack you for your belief. There is no place for anyone who attacks another for religious beliefs.

kw said...

Hi Dena- I'm late-deafened and still learning ASL. I would appreciate if you could transcribe your vlogs so I would understand what you have to share with us.

I am not particularly religious, but I am spiritual. Here is a favorite quote from the Dalai Lama:

"Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion."

Welcome! :-) I hope to learn from you.

Karen Mayes said...

Yeah, I am not religious, but I have seen how conflicts come about, by the sects trying to force religions on other people... that is why I view Christianity and Muslims as more bloody sects than other sects, unfairly I know, but due to the way the sects are represented by media and history.

Religions are hard to understand, all right.

all I wanted said...

It's kinda hard to understand you. It looks like your TRYING to say something but something is holding you back. Have more confidence and a stronger voice, and you will have a better Vlog.

MeKenzie said...

Hi again sis :)

It's me again! lol! I'm impressed that you did not delete the previous muslim-attacking comments because you got your point just right. They will keep on doing it. It's the reality of our world. Sad, but true. But, it doesn't mean we have to be unhappy with our own beliefs. Although, it is still saddening to see all who attacked you. You're strong, I can see that! :D

It may be true that the religion(s) can be cult-like or sect-like, where I have come from, it was definitely a cult to me. I have been traumatized by it, but that doesn't mean I'll attack anybody if they belong in a certain religion. In spite of the "cult" I came from, I have seen few that truly, heartily, honestly believe in it and have a good soft heart toward it. To them, it's their ultimate spiritual experience. I have seen many wonderful miracles with all religions, just not one. We are all different. We bound to have different beliefs. Why should we fight over this?

It may be true that I am no longer in any religion organization, but that doesn't mean they don't serve a special purpose for others. I just happen to be a girl who seeks inside herself for spiritual insights, experiences, and feelings. This is my kind of spirituality. Like you said, diversity. :)

People who attacked her in the previous comments: I simply want to ask you to try and put yourself in her shoe and see from her perspective. Be more understanding. We're having a lot of wars due to many various religions. My wish is to have peace on earth and have the true meaning of freedom. That cannot happen without understanding each other and love each other. Sure, you can do that again and again, but that would not change anything. It's your choice, and I don't care (as in not being judgmental). And you probably find this comment ridicilious, but I merely wanted to show other perspective.

Remember, everything is like a coin. It always has two sides.

Remain strong and keep on sharing! :)


ASL Risen said...

Hello Beautiful Heart Deaf Muslim Lady!!!

I forgot to tell you that "Welcome to this DeafVlog World!" It was really great to know you!!

Oh gosh, it's snowing here in St. Louis, I better go outside and warm up my car and sweep the snow off my car before I need to go work so soon!

Please do remember "Be YOURSELF" and stand strong for who you are no matter what! Some of us, Vloggers will support you!! Stay WARM pls??? Smile and hugs