Friday, January 25, 2008

Re-reading History

Last night for my reading, I decided to go back into my list of deaf books and re-read "Train Go Sorry" by Leah Hager Cohen. I haven't picked this book up since I finished reading it for an assignment in high school. I'm 25 now. Ouch! So it was time to pick it up again. I don't think the first time I read it, I understood that in the beginning of the book, Leah was hearing and telling of her experiences acquiring language at the Lexington school. The ease at which she didn't know she was picking up sign, just that she was. I felt that same experience when I walked into my first ASL class. It was a sigh of relief. I finally could use a language i was being understood in. I can speak perfectly, was raised hearing, realized I lost some hearing later in life. i have a strong connection to ASL though. I can express myself in ASL like i can't in English. Once I found ASL, I was truly free. I only made it through the 1st chapter of the book last night, but I'm eager to re-read what I had missed the first time. I'm sure it's as amazing as what I felt last night.


Deb Ann said...

Thank you for sharing. I'd like to read the book. Who wrote the book? You may like to read a book, Hurt Go Happy ...written by Ginny Rory if I spelled it right. I am reading the book right now. It's indeed a good book and the half way I will be finished with it.

DenaReiter said...

The book is by Leah Hager Cohen. You can purchase the book here: