Monday, February 25, 2008

Bad Relay Service

Today I woke up needing a haircut. Yes, needing. I was still in my sleep clothes, so I decided to just text the call to my favorite salon. Normally, I walk in and they see me on the spot, but I wanted to have other work done as well, so I thought I had better make the block of time for them. I called and the front desk and I exchanged the services I needed. She asked me my name and I gave her my first name. I then expected her to ask for my last name, but there was nothing. For about 2 minutes, there was no notification of anything. Nothing from the relay, nothing happening. Then I got a message that the hearing caller hung up. Wait, what?!

So what happened? I don't have a clue. Did the salon not understand the relay? Did the relay not explain clearly what the user needs to do? I suspect maybe that those stupid pranksters who use relay to prank businesses had something to do with this, and maybe the front desk person thought this wasn't a real call. Why else would she just hang up?

More importantly, why wasn't I notified of anything happening for 2 minutes? Some relays I'm beginning to find are very good while others are very bad, and even the same company can have one bad service and the other is the best service I've had. How strange!


Alex said...

I hate relay calls with a passion for that reason.

It does make it painful when that happens.


Abbie said...

I use to get hung up all the time on relay service, I would get sooo aggravated. Have you ever tried a captel phone?

Seek Geo said...

Hi Dena!

Aw, I know the feeling.. believe me many of us had to deal with this so many times and it is always suck!

There is many reasons why they hang up on us is one, like you mentioned due to numerous of prank calls, or other thing is that they are impatient when it comes to slow service (relay service).

Or other reason is just that they are ignorant for not being educated what the relay is all about, etc.

When they hung up on me, I usually call back to ask for the supervisor and it worked half time but other time, I never had any luck getting through so all I can say is good bye, I ain't doing your business ever again and go to different place.

It's up to you how you want to deal with it. Trust me, it won't be your last time so just always be prepared when it happens and you decide how you want to handle this.

It's never fun, I know! :-)


Misha said...

I can't stand using Relay because I get hung up. I called back and explained that I'm not even telemarketer or salesperson pitching any sales. Sheesh...sometimes after two or three hang ups, I'd tell Relay not to announce "This is Relay Operator, blah, blah" and told them to say, "Hello, this is Michelle XXXX
Whom am I speaking to?" That works most of time but sometimes some are taken back by a male voice which belongs to Relay.
My kids, my mom and mom in law always avoid using relay at any cost. Ugh....
But you're not alone in this....most of deaf are in the same boat as you are.

Misha :D

Anonymous said...

it has happened to me few times when i call on relay to some business, i get hunged up on. its no fun, the business need to treat the relay callers polite like any other customer, yes it does not help the prank callers are calling on relay then calling those bussiness then they can't trust if relay call is a real thing. good topic!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel.. I used to have the problems with relay service on tty .. then I got the video phone.. Use the VRS.. much better and no problem..
Wonder if you have the sorenson video phone??


Deaf Pixie said...


I know it is painful when I had to call for the doctor's office. They hung up on me 8 time. I called Office manager to explained to her.. but no improved at all.

Print out first the

You can talk and show these print out of website and give to employer or manager of owner.


Relay Service:

You can print out these relay Service. They wil read the print out you must give a print out to manager. Warning about American Disabities Act law to show her/him.

I know TTY Relay Service or VRS sometime similar.. They will tink you call them as prank or telemarket. It is really huge misunderstood.

Deaf Pixie said...


Aww, I forgot to copy and paste other for VRS,Video RElay Service

Here is VRS

Please print out and give a paper of NAD to manager. REmind you to learn to communicate with the lady or man.. if they are not friendly ..
you can file complaint for refused to answer the phone and hung up.

Deaf Pixie

Deaf Pixie said...


You can go to meet the person with a anything with a print out and give to manager. It is really reduce angry mangagment.

Do you know why NAD ask you to email or fax to the office with NAD interpreter, VRS or RElay Service to business.

You can asking them if they have a fax or email you can email and forward from NAD explaination.

you will notice email in NAD. you can email them along with website of NAD. I suggest you to talk to person with a print out of three different meaning intepreting service mean you need them to call interpreter or Explain to the person about VRS what is the meaning about VRS or Relay Service.

I hope you could understand what I am explaining to you,Abbie?

I never tried captel phone, before?

Want contact me?

Deaf Pixie

deafsingle said...

I also encounter this kinds of situations

Anonymous said...

This is a good example of what NAD does for deaf and hard of hearing people, regardless of whether you are a member or not. If you aren't a member, join today!

Deaf Pixie said...


Exactly you dont have to be member of NAD. They will help you if you are have a problem and touch with them..

if your doctor office is very rude.. you have to show them a NAD interpreter and RElay service. Why Deaf people use it for on purpose.

For example, you dont have VP ( Video Person in your computer at work. If your company prefer you to use TTY. You have no way to refuse.. There is their money and their business serious with a print out more evidence.

They cannot tell you you must to use VP if you dont have a VP at your work. It is violated of their ADA.

The reason why I am educated everyone almost everyday. if you blind. The office force you to use VP. you cannot see VP on Computer because of your vision is legal blind or some kind of situation.

All things to be more flexible with company. Very serious.ADA law is one most serious for any kind of your limiation or cannot able to see VP .. you have to use Braille -TTY. They will say Oh, see why you are blind.. Slow to type. i don't blame people have no knowledge of rejected.

Deaf Pixie

RLM said...

I never had any problems with the use of relay service so far.

All of you have to play smart like typing the message before dialing the number. I usually instruct relay operators not to identify themselves as relay operators.

Sinmply ask the direct messaeg and keep it short like

"Please bypass the recorded message and state - I am calling to find out what is the closing time. Thanks for your time".

Or type "I want to make an appt for the haircutting session. My name is Robert". What time will it be, please? Thanks".

I never had anyone hung up on me. Smile!

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Deaf Pixie said...

All the time I always say before to relay service. I left message to Relay service before RElay service call.. Say same thing with RLM's.. but few people would not listen carefuly with RElay service.

Before give a instruction while relay call. More easier than wait to answer the phone by person.

Julia said...

hi guys!
i stumbled across your blog today and i wanted to say that i am totally with you on this topic! i'm a relay operator and when i call a business and they hang up on you/us, i get so mad i want to call them back and tell them how rude they are and make them understand that the person that is calling them is a customer, just like anyone else.
but i should also say that i have been working as an RO for 2 years and I have seen and heard a lot. Most of the time, if a business is not familiar with relay calls, they automatically assume that i'm trying to sell them something and they don't listen. Also, there is a lot of fraud that goes on in relay because people in Africa steal American IP addresses and place calls to businesses to scam them out of money. I'll call places that will tell me that they "don't take relay calls" and it's just really sad that these people have ruined this for the deaf community. It is your right to place a call just like anyone else and they've ruined it for you. Honestly, when I realize that a call is a scam call, I just hang up on them. Smile.