Friday, February 8, 2008

A Few Questions

Just a few questions for the community because I really need to know!


IsraelBear said...


Yes you can do something for your door flash. go check there have supply for that that you dont need to have somebody screw up your wall and all i know apartment not permit that but There other way to do like clock alarm with flash light there come with door flash too. the alarm clock name alertmaster so chec that it come with Door too.

Also I wanted to know since your Muslim, You against Jews people since Im jewish. Just wanted know.


Deb Ann said...


I understand. Someone's at the door when our dogs run up to the door and bark. But when they are outside, we won't know if there'd be someone at the door, so we use the light flasher for the door ringing.

Your cat is a big help! ;)

DenaReiter said...

Shalom Chris! Thank you for asking your question. No I don't hate you or anyone who is Jewish for just the fact of being Jewish. I almost converted to being Jewish when I was searching for myself! Now if you do something to harm me, then I might call you a jerk, but I want hate you *smile* Just the same as anyone else. Does that make sense? Let me know if you have other questions or need explain further.