Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Long Goodbye

Hello! How are you all doing? I know it’s been a long time since I’ve vlogged. I’ve got something to explain to you. Tonight my husband came back from Chicago on the train. He asked me “Why is the house so dirty?! Didn’t you clean?!!” Well, you know the Yahoo Live! Chat? I’ve been in there for about 3 or 4 days now. I didn’t do anything else. I didn’t clean the house. That sure was a mistake on my part! I shouldn’t have neglected my chores. Anyway, I tried to explain to my husband that deaf culture…wait, let me start again. In hearing culture, when you’re on the phone, you say good bye, the other person says good bye, and the conversation is over. From what I learned of deaf culture is “the long goodbye”. It means you say good bye, but 2 hours, 3 hours later, you’re still chatting away. Finally, later, you say good bye and part ways. So I was trying to explain that to my husband. He wasn’t buying it. I know a lot of people here on Yahoo Live! Chat want the communication. In the hearing world, it's all spoken word. The deaf world, here we chat and communicate and carry on like there’s no tomorrow. I think maybe that’s why some of us stay so long in the chat. I really tried to explain it to my husband but he didn’t get it. You know, he’s in a hearing frame of mind. Soon, I might whittle down my chat usage so I’m not addicted to it. I really need to clean the house. Man, it is SO dirty. For 4 days, I didn’t do ANYTHING! Yuck! Hopefully you all don’t neglect your chores, partners or your family. Oh, and most importantly, don’t neglect your pets! Your cats, dogs, what have you. I love you all, bye!


LaRonda said...

(Smiling!) Great vlog, Dena! Dishes and laundry piling up after 4 days here too! Solution: We've hired a house cleaner! (wink)

~ LaRonda

http://blog.deafread.com/visma said...

Your post here is another manifestation of the impact the deaf community is absorbing. This is a recent testimony in ASL about the impact videochat websites have on deaf people. Thank you for sharing.

Balance is the key. Your equilibrium keeled over. The keel is now back, I am sure. Very interesting to watch you explain your experiences similar to those people glued to the videochat room begun by Amy and Tayler few days ago.

I pray that your husband understand . . .

With peace . . .

Coach Creech said...

LOL good one.

Anne Marie said...

Let's say a long goodbye to cleaning and let your husband do it.

Anne Marie

Anonymous said...

At least you left the burqa on.

Anonymous said...

HI Dena

OH ha ha I know the feeling.. felt guilty for not taking care of house and things around.
I would suggest when you wake up first thing in the morning clean up the house in one or two hours then youre free to go on live chat and when lunch comes you take a break so do some chores or run errands. Then you can get back on Live chat and then break at supper time to cook and clean up then your free for the rest of evening to go on live chat. I do that myself even I work.

Oh ha Laronda hire a house cleaner that'll be nice but $$$

Oh ha ha Ann Marie... let husband do the house cleaning. I dont see why should woman have to all by herlsef. Husband should do house cleaning too.;-)

See ya in Live chat
SB- Suzyb