Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Day DeafRead Went Dead

It all started with a harmless link. The editors sent a link to the Main Page informing everyone about a new video chat service by Yahoo that we should try and since they were on there, we could try it then. So of course I clicked. What I didn't' know was that I was going to be there for the next 7 hours having the time of my life! So many people joined into the conversation it seemed all of DeafRead was there. As Amy said in her post though, do bring Tylenol or your favorite anti-headache medicine. It can get confusing to see who is talking to who. But we all were having so much fun in there, hardly anyone posted on DeafRead. I had the first installment of Ask A Muslim ready to cam, but I was too busy being in the chat to film it *smiles*. Have fun in there guys, but remember we should still b/vlog!


FounderCobra said...

I won't give it up on my vlog! =)

Fingers said...

never give up!!!

Anonymous said...

I prefer reading the and instead of joining the chat room. The reason is bec I cant catch up all what the deafs talk about.. sorry... smile..