Monday, February 4, 2008

Captioned - Introduction/The Deaf Label

Here is the captioned version of the Deaf Label from my blog for those who need it. Enjoy!


mishkazena said...

My opinion: You should stick with the label you feel the most comfortable with.. a label that you feel describes you the best.

Val said...

Your question isn't for me, I'm hearing but my children are deaf, they only hear sounds via cochlear implant. We say they are deaf but hear w/their cochlear implants because they hear nothing w/out their devices, but they speak. Anyway, thanks for the caption, I enjoyed it.

Misha said...

Hello, Dena
I can see why you're kinda in limbo getting stuck between deaf and hard of hearing. Honestly, you can choose which one would make you feel comfortable the most, we won't have any problems because we're still considering you in the deaf community. Just be yourself. We'd support you no matter what. You've been using ASL ever since which is wonderful and beautiful.
I never feel comfortable on being labeled "Deaf Mute". Since I could talk all right, I tell them just put me down as Deaf, that's it. I feel comfortable with deaf because I've accepted my deaf identify and embraced the deaf community. That's who I am.

Misha :D

Abbie said...


When I was able to hear with hearing aids, I never identified myself as being deaf. I was never one to categorize myself with labels. If someone asked me what was the matter with my ears, it was always the same response,

"I have a hearing problem."

It was never hard of hearing, hearing impaired, or deaf. I was really quite happy with how I handled that for several years.

Without my hearing aid, I couldn't hear a fire alarm but with them I could. Now I can't hear much of anything with my hearing aid but I can with the CI. I can speak but I don't know how to sign. It was very hard to label myself.

It wasn't until I completely lost my hearing that I said to myself, the jig is up, I'm deaf. I accepted it which is probably why I want to learn how to sign now. It all comes down to how you feel the most comfortable identifying with yourself.

Abbie said...

I forgot to say thank you for the captioning, that really helped me :)

DenaReiter said...

No problem Abbie, I hope to caption all of my videos from now, they just take a little more time. I'm still getting the hang of it, and it's hard mainly because Overstream doesn't host the video, so my uncaptioned blog stays on you Tube and I have no way of getting my captioned video off overstream and onto my computer so I can upload it back onto the web captioned *sighs* I know it sounds like I'm complianing but I'm not, it's just hard cos I've only done it once so far, still learning! lol Take care and thanks for the encouragement :)

Bill said...

If hosting your captions and your videos together is important, overstream allows you to export your subtitles.

You can upload your video to google, and import that captioned file, and keep them together

or import them into some video formats on your computer