Thursday, February 7, 2008

Take away the Muslim...Just Deaf

So I think the time has come that I stop talking about islam this and Muslim that. Deaf Read readers apparently don't want to hear about my endevors on completely translating on my own the entire Quran? Fine. Deaf first. i get it. Let's stay equal, after all we are all deaf. Are we? i go back to my first post, you read it right? oh you didn't? Ah, see that's why.

Recently I read about a person being attacked by the words of another person, and basically the comment was that the post writer was not deaf because he could "hear" his cell phone ring (the blog was talking about notifications of flight delays and such). The poster wrote back to the person and said that the cell was on vibrate and he felt it, and answered it.

It's things like this that really disgust me about people's judgment. That, and feeling like I have to be deaf first and Muslim second. Right now, being in this town, there is little to no activity, yet my heart is strong.

When I first started learning to sign, my teacher said I had a gift, and I didn't' believe her. I only believed her when people praised my signing ability. At my great-uncle's death, the preacher had worked with the deaf and knew I had a good heart he told me. It left me wondering where to go.

I see that even though I put my heart and soul into just one blog post, people don't' get it, and i don't' understand why. Deaf have been oppressed for ages, yes, and I'm trying to do something about it. Deaf Muslims in particular have been kept from their religion just as some deaf have been kept from their culture and language. So I tried to help them by the translation.

I guess I expected too much. You guys aren't' Muslim, why should you care about a translation of a book you could care less about? *sighs* I don't' know where I stand in the blogging right now. I was just trying to be helpful.



kw said...

I would have responded, but I'm only learning ASL myself so cant help you much in the translation of a book. Further I am not a religious person. I have nothing against the Muslim religion, but I take my spiritual guidance from mediation rather than reading from a book. While I consider myself culturally Christian I don't read the Bible or go to church because I don't identify with many aspects of the Christian religion. I'm more of a Unitarian in that I believe all religions will connect one with God. God is God is God in every religion, but we call God by different names. You're right, I have no interest in your religion or Christianity or Judaism or Paganism. I follow my own spiritual path. Make sense?
:-) Why can't the Koran be written in English and why couldn't that be good enough?
I don't mean that sarcastically. Do the other holy books all have signed versions?

The DeafBlind's Musing said...

Dear friend,

It absolutely sickens me when I see people attacking other people based on their religious beliefs.

We come from different walks of life and we learn from others.

Please keep sharing your experiences as I enjoy your v/blogs. It takes a strong person with character to ignore the stingers that people throw your way.

Tactile smile,

Bill said...

There is at least one ASL Bible.

I think the idea with that, is to reach people in their "native" language, the language that they are most comfortable learning in.

Karen Mayes said...

Please continue talking about your religion and culture...Muslim is the least understood religion so we feel "threatened", in the light of 9/11, Iraq war, etc... which is NOT fair to you and other Muslims, I know.

So please continue talking about it. Jill Lestina talks about her beliefs. Ocean talks about her beliefs. Etc. Sure, there will always be someone who'd attack you, but when they attack you, they reveal their fears and ignorance.

Don't stop, please. Even though I have no religious interest, but I do enjoy learning about the religions so that I could understand people like you better and that is what diversity is about... accepting people of all walks, right? :o)

Grendel said...

Hello! I want to echo several of your commenters: please don't stop! Yours is a very fresh perspective here -- one I'd not read before.

Please don't stop sharing, just because we're reading quietly doesn't mean you aren't making a strong impact and opening minds.

~ Li-Li's Mom

PS, sorry about the schizophrenic names: your comment box seems to be limited to blogger accounts and mine is ahh, somewhat pet-centric

DenaReiter said...

Hi KW! Why can't the Koran be in English? It is, at least some of them are. There are translations, in fact most of the famous translations I have at my house but everything gets lost in translations as I'm sure you're aware. If I was better at Arabic I could go straight from written Arabic to ASL *laughs* I'm no good at Arabic. So I'm using my English translation to translate into ASL. There are Bibles in ASL and I've seen a book on signs for Jewish service signing, but nothing on Muslim. It feels like I'm writing history *feels awkward*

Anonymous said...

you have became Muslim but you know some about Islam. Other you don't know about Islam. Why don't you read this website about different between Qu'ran and Bible.

Umm Zaid said...

Salaam 'Alaikum

I, for one, would like to hear more from you on this topic. I just discovered your blog this evening, and find it shameful that some want to silence you on this topic. In our own community, there often isn't room or awareness about the experiences of those who don't fit a particular mold... don't stop writing about your experiences, please.

the4blackcats said...

Salaam alaikum, and blessed Ramadan to you, Dena.

I am a fellow deaf muslimah and I hope you don't stop writing because someone threw vitriol at you! I know how much it hurts. I was recently hurt by someone's unedited words to me and 3 months later it still hurts to remember what that person cruelly said to me.
I take hope and heart from seeing another muslim deaf woman facing all the same issues I face in my daily life. It keeps me from feeling alone in battling these issues.
Please keep up your wonderful blogging!
wa alaikum salaam,